I miss Sandie.  I miss not feeling sick.  I miss being about six.  


I’m back!

I got home this afternoon about fourish.  Got to hang out a bit with Nate and C.M., and my boyfriend.  I really missed them the last four days.


My Uncle Ted and Aunt Nicole adopted a little girl named Shania.  She’s seven years old, and up until a few months ago, a ward of the State of Wyoming.  She’s African-American, with a little brother that is not yet up for adoption.  As soon as he is, Ted and Nicole are adopting him.

Her story is actually kinda tragic.  The mother and father got married because the mom got pregnant with her and soon after got divorced.  For the first three years of Shania’s life was spent in the backseat of a car.  By the time the social worker found them, she couldn’t walk or speak.

She’s now a little spit-fire that is going to have no problems socializing in the future.

Animals Part One update

The new rat is a boy, it’s just that he hasn’t….matured.  And considering he’s as big as Yggie, Ziggy is gonna be a large, large rat.


Also, going to Casper WY today to visit my Grandma and to see my brother in State Marching tomorrow.

Animals Part One

First off, I hate coming up with titles to blogs.  Like, what, am I gonna get it published?  No.  Okay then.  But the time I tried to post without a title, my computer spazzed.

Now that that rant is over, I has news.  Our rodent family here at the house has increased by one rat.  He/she/it is what is called a hooded rat, about Yggie’s size but waaay lighter (and bonier), and has the softest fur.  Not as soft as Nug’s, but softer than Sandie’s and Yggie’s for sure.

The only problem was that when my roommate came back from the pet store, we realized that he/she/it was either fixed, or female, or female and fixed.  So, right now they’ve gone back to see what’s up, because my roomie ordered a male.

I also cleaned out Sandie’s cage today.  I made Nate pick her up and move her so that she wouldn’t be in the way of my cleaning it.  I’m not afraid she’ll bite me; she’s nibbled my fingers and that’s all.  It’s her claws.  I don’t know if I should have them looked at, or what.  They’re so long that they are rested at a ninety degree angle when she’s walking.  I dogs hate that, it’s very uncomfortable for them, but it doesn’t seem to impede her.

Right now, I’m sitting next to the elevated part of her cage, the roof of her “igloo”, where her food dish is.  I’ve been here for about five minutes now.  And she just laid down to sleep.  Granted, her butt is towards me, but she’s sleeping.  She’s usually underneath the ramp that leads up to her food cage.  I feel strangely touched.

She also let C.M. and Nate pet her, although only if she had lettuce, or she had the promise of lettuce.

Jesus, I love to talk about my pet.  But, she’s the first pet I’ve had in about a year and a half.  And while that may not be a long time, it is for me.  I grew up with animals constantly.  I think the lowest number of animals that I lived with was when I first moved to Worland; we had one cat.  He was pure white with a brown splotch on his head and mismatched eyes, one green and one blue.  His name was Bugs and after he died, we promptly got Cindy Lou Who, or Lou for short.  About two months of her, we got a kitten from my grandma’s ranch.  Mama cat was really nice, and she gave birth to a little of little oranges.

The one my sister and I bonded with was a female.  We didn’t know that at the time, because we both knew that most orange cats are male, just as most calico cats are female.  Anyway, we called her Brutus because she had a black smudge on her lip that made it look like she had a mustache.

We brought her home, and sure enough she went into heat.  Before we could get her fixed, she got pregnant.  But she was so small that two of the baby kittens got lodged in her rib cage and she was forced to miscarry the rest of the litter.  We got her fixed and the kittens removed from her body, and she’s just as cuddly and loving as she was before she got fixed.

When Lou died, Mom bought a Dachshund, a bony little guy named Snappy.  Well, Mom didn’t like that name, so we gradually started to call him Scrappy, which she likes much better.

A couple years later, we got another cat, named Reeses.  She has a perpetual pissed off look about her, but she is cuddly as all get out.  But, she smells weird.  After Reeses, my sister Vicki bought another Dachshund.  He has a Doberman coloring and is obese compared to Scrappy.  His name is Colby, but we call him Colby Jack, like the cheese.


This is them.  Scrappy is the brown one, facing the camera.


Pumpkin.  In all honesty, I was trying to get a picture of my parent’s new floor, but she wouldn’t leave.  Usually she doesn’t like cameras, so I figured that I would snap a pic and she’d leave.  Nope.  This is the only picture I have of her looking at me.


Sandie, her second day here.  Yes, I’m obsessing.  No, I don’t care.

After I moved out of the house, I got very lonely, so I adopted a Husky/German Shepherd mix dog.  His name’s Koda, and he was clingy.


Koda, after he came in from the cold.  I was taking a nap and he decided that a lap full of cold dog was what I needed.

I’m gonna stop now, because if I upload anymore pictures of every animal in my life…well, this would be a very long blog entry.  Ha, like it’s not already.


That’s right.  Two more, and then I’m twenty two.  This is going to be a great year, if only because my age is an even number.  Every single one of my odd-numbered-birthdays have always seemed off in someway.  I know it’s simply a mind over matter deal, but still.

For my birthday, I was invited to go see State Marching in Casper WY.  Which means that I’ll get to see my sister, my brother, my parents (well, maybe I’ll avoid them) and my Grandma.  AND I get to cheer for WHS and see if Sami is going to see it.  The only down side to this is Sandie.

I can’t take her with me; she’s simply too big.   But, I don’t want to randomly leave her, either.  I’ll be gone from about three in the afternoon on my birthday to late night Monday, about four days.  That’s a long time to interrupt bonding time.

Anyway, in more recent news, I got my apartment key back and was able to get my Zelda games.  I have Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess, both of which run on the Wii.  And, even though I don’t own a Wii, my friend does.  So, I’ve spent the night at her house, just to play Skyward Sword.

SS is one of those games that you can only play in short spurts.  I remember when I was working at Safeway.  I had just gotten this game and was playing it whenever I could.  I didn’t go in until ten, so from seven to nine thirty I’d play.  I’d play on my lunch hour, and then I’d play when I came home.  

Good times.

Things are a bit gross right now.  I won’t go into details.  I’m getting dizzy from lack of sleep.  Good night. 


A two and a half pound, light grey guinea pig is all mine.  She comes with a huge cage, a large box full of wood chips and a Foldger’s coffee tin of feed.  She likes her carrots sliced, not diced, and is somewhat gentle.  


I hope.  I’ll post pics of her as soon as possible.