I’m Alive

Shocker.  Well, I’ve been busy with moving, with hundred plus degree fevers, with a new car (named Stormy because there is only so many “manly” names for a powder blue “mom-car”) that Stu bought the twenty third.  It broke down the twenty fourth, and then the battery died shortly after.  

After that, we started moving to West Court, the apartments at the college.  We live across the courtyard from our friend, Vera, who’s pretty freakin’ awesome.  But, it was Thanksgiving week, and I had my fever that only went away last night-ish.  Therefore, moving was a bitch.  

But, it’s done now. 


5 thoughts on “I’m Alive

  1. “Mom-car” >X(

  2. lilscribbles says:

    hehe well thank you 🙂 i’m, too, pretty happy to be living across the lawn from my awesome friends 😀
    on a side note, congrats on surviving the moving. moving is never fun.

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